Bedroom Design and Decoration: A Context for Investigating Developmental Theory in Adolescence

Abstract: Most developmental theories propose reasons for behavior and changes in behavior due to influences from genetic and environmental factors. A behavioral change that occurs during development, from infancy to adulthood, is the increasing number of choices that are made. The purpose of this study was to investigate developmental theory as it relates to adolescent choice (influences, interactions, activity, preference, and acceptance) in the environment most readily controlled by adolescents, their bedrooms. Two hundred thirty-four eighth- and ninth-grade students responded to the Adolescent Development and […]

Research on the Differences between Traditional Decoration and Pre-fabricated Building Decoration

Abstract: With numerous merits, pre-fabricated buildings have attracted the attention of our country and the architecture industry. In recent years, the new construction model develops rapidly since it promoted vigorously. The decoration of pre-fabricated buildings is entirely different from the traditional decoration process in  many aspects; these differences seriously hinder the improvement of pre-fabricated buildings’ integration degrees. A thorough study on the differences between pre-fabricated building decoration and traditional decoration can help the decoration industry to transform and upgrade in the correct direction, theoretically support […]

A Brief Talk about the Application and Expression of Floor Decoration Art in Interior Design

Abstract: The internal space bottom interface, which is the basic element of indoor surrounding space, needs to meet the demands of not only basic activities but also peoples´spiritual enjoyment with the development of construction technology and the improvement of people, s view of beauty. By studying the decorative elements of various indoor floors, we can conclude that artistic atmosphere of the defined space is determined by visual features of floor design under the conditions of basic functions such as support, safety, endurance, beauty and so […]

A Study on Color Psychology for Interior Designer

Abstract: Color is an indivisible and additionally a vital part of an Interior Design. The most extreme impact in inside accompanies the structure of Color. So, it is imperative to ponder the Color and its impact in inside condition, it might be physiological and additionally mental. For this, articles were evaluated and investigated from the current writing, identified with utilization of color in both living arrangement and in addition business inside. The three noteworthy territories explored were  Psychological impact of color  Meaning of Warm, Cool […]

Analysis of the integration of indoor ecological landscape design and interior decoration design

 Abstract: With the improvement of the quality of life, people have gradually increased their requirements for interior design. In order to rationally use the interior space and save the interior decoration funds, the interior decoration design must rationally apply natural elements. Appropriate application of ecological landscape is the only means to enhance the effect of interior decoration and achieve environmental protection and conservation دانلود مقاله بصورت  PDF در لینک زیر قرار داده شده است : Analysis of the integration of indoor ecological landscape design and […]

Professionalization Process of Interior Design

 Abstract: Interior design, whether it is professional or nonprofessional remains an unavoidable part of human life, which is closely linked with human life, but also has closely association with human activities in the indoor. Then what changes have happened to the place where people live in? This paper draws forth the relevant factors of the development process of interior design by means of the research of the historical context of interior design دانلود مقاله بصورت  PDF در لینک زیر قرار داده شده است : Professionalization […]